"Love has on the mind the refreshing effect of the full moon and the illuminating effect of the radiance of the sun's rays."

Born in a remote village in the state of Kerala in southern India, Amma says she has always known that there is a higher reality beyond this world of names and forms.

From an early age she showed that she felt love and compassion for everyone. Amma states, "An uninterrupted flow of love flows from Amma to all beings in the universe. This is Amma's innate nature."

Regarding her early years, Amma says, "Since childhood, Amma wondered why people in this world should suffer. Why should they be poor? Why should they go hungry?"

Amma became familiar with the villagers and personally observed their difficulties and poverty.

She recounts: "Amma had to take care of all the household chores and also feed the numerous cows and goats of her family. For this reason, she went every day in 30, 40 neighborhood houses to collect tapioca peels and other leftovers. In each he always found people who were suffering, sometimes because of old age, sometimes because of poverty, sometimes because of illness ...
Amma, therefore, listened to their problems, sitting next to them, sharing their pain and praying for them. "

"When she had time, she used to bring these people to her house to offer them a hot bath and something to eat. Sometimes, she even stole family items to give them to these hungry people."

"Amma noticed that when the children were young and dependent on their parents, they prayed that they would have a long and disease-free life, but that once they grew up, they considered their old parents a burden. They thought, 'Why should I work so hard for my parents? '.
Feeding them, washing their clothes and treating them with love became a burden for those same children who had previously prayed for the long life of their parents.
So, Amma wondered, 'Why are there so many contradictions in this world? Why is there no true love? What is the real cause of all this suffering and what is the solution? '"

From childhood, Amma knew that only God - the Self, the Supreme Power - is the Truth, and that the world is not the absolute reality. For this she spent a lot of time immersed in deep meditation. Amma's parents and relatives did not understand what was happening. Because of their ignorance, they began to rebuke her, opposing her spiritual practices.

But Amma was immersed in her world, totally indifferent to the family's criticisms and punishments.
During this time, he had to spend days and nights away from home, under the open sky, giving up food and sleep.

Amma says, "During meditation and throughout the day, Amma asked questions about the source of the pain and suffering she saw around her. At one point she thought that humanity's suffering was due to people's karma, the the result of their past actions. But Amma did not feel satisfied with this answer and went deeper.

Then, from within, the answer arose: 'If their karma is to suffer, is it not your dharma to help them?'
If someone falls into a deep hole, is it right to keep walking, saying, 'Oh, is it your karma to suffer in this way?'. No, our duty is to help him get out ... ".

Experiencing her unity with all creation, Amma realized that her purpose in life was to alleviate suffering
humanity. It was then that Amma began her spiritual mission, spreading her message of Truth, love and compassion and welcoming anyone around the world.

Today, Amma spends most of the year traveling all over India and the world precisely to relieve suffering humanity with her words and the warmth of her embrace.

Its ashram permanently hosts 3000 people and many thousands more from India and around the world visit it every day.
Ashram residents, as well as visitors, feel inspired by Amma's example, and dedicate themselves to serving the world. Through Amma's vast network of charitable projects, they build homes for the homeless, help provide pensions to the needy and provide medical care for the sick.
Countless people from all over the world are contributing to this admirable effort.

Amma says: "After all, love is the only medicine that can heal the wounds of the world. In this universe, it is love that binds everything, and when this awareness dawns in us, all disharmony will cease and only one will reign lasting peace. "

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