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Babaji, with the name of Haidakhan Baba, manifested his physical presence in India from 1970 to 1984, in Herakhan , a small village in a valley of Kumaon, on the slopes of the Himalaya: a region sacred to Shiva, where saints have always lived and Indian yogis.

It was not possible to ascertain where Babaji was born, where he came from and whether he had a father and mother. One day he appeared in a cave on the bank of the sacred Gotam Ganga river, seated on the bare rock and immersed in a deep meditation, without clothing, the body and the head sprinkled with ash, without luggage, money or anything else.

At that time he showed around 20 years, he did not feed except with some offer of milk and fruit. He did not sleep but spent every night in meditation and rarely spoke. To prove his identity, after three months, he climbed the top of nearby Mount Kailash, accompanied by a group of Indian devotees, where he remained in meditation, immobile for 45 days. This experience convinced many of his yogic powers and constituted a strong signal for many others who went to Herakhan also recalled by dreams, visions and other experiences.

Thus began the story of Babaji's most recent incarnation on Earth. He remained in Herakhan for 14 years, until February 14, 1984 (February 20 according to the Indian calendar), when he suddenly left the body.

During this period he made numerous trips to various places in India, mysteriously attracting many Western disciples and devotees to himself. Each of them has its own wonderful story to tell: the experience of an unequivocal call from the Divine Master. Babaji confirmed to be an emanation of Lord Shiva, the great Yogi (Maha Yogi) and the Great Avatar (Maha Avatar) who has always been present on the planet to guide human beings, especially in times of crisis and great difficulties in the world . He reminds us of the eternal way ( Sanatan Dharma ), the ancient spiritual law of humanity.

In his last appearance in Herakhan Babaji he manifested his identity to devotees in various ways, also teaching meditation, prayer and a lifestyle based on action and work dedicated to God ( Karma Yoga ). Babaji has left us a great, concise message , summed up in three words: Truth, Simplicity, Love.

Babaji has often spoken to us about the advent of a New Era, prompting us to build spiritual communities and alternative structures in the world, where we can learn to live and work together: "Islands of Light in the ocean of the material world", as He called them. The teaching of Yoga is so ancient that it precedes the Vedas and has been transmitted orally by Guru to a disciple for thousands of years and belongs to the original Guru: Adinath .

Babaji, as a manifestation of Shiva, is considered the Primordial Master , the Guru of all Gurus. As the Indian scriptures and the philosophy of Upanishad teach us, God is only a name given to that one principle of Truth and Love which constitutes the real Self of man. It is a reality that can be experienced internally, thanks to spiritual practice and research: an expanding adventure of consciousness, from ignorance to the great Light, a psychic journey towards a profound inner transformation.