What are Bajhans?

The Bajhans are devotional songs to the Lord. Its importance derives from the same reason for repeating the Name of the Lord (Japa).

Singing and clapping creates a great positive energy that leaves the devotee in ecstasy. Devotional singing is usually done in a group, in order to create an atmosphere so charged with positive vibrations that any negativity is removed. Furthermore, bajhan purifies the human mind and soul, inhibits the ego, praising the Lord as the true agent of everything, so our individual sense becomes an integral part of rhythm and music, transforming itself into a joyful and pure state. The devotional songs, although called by other names, are sung in every religion, because reading, singing the praises of the Lord always elevates man to a Divine nature.

Sai Baba often underlines the fact that music is one of the main channels for human evolution and gives us the "gem" of devotional singing as a tool for the expansion of the heart and the purification of the mind.

Even if singing the name of God is already an act that in any case connects us to him, regardless of the degree of awareness with which it is done, the first approach should start from the firm conviction that devotional singing (especially group singing) is an instrument. fundamental act to expand that vibration of pure Love that is silently present in our heart. It is therefore of primary importance to have in mind that through devotional singing we can get in touch with the deepest part of our Being which is God himself: Pure Love.

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