Answering this question is certainly a rather difficult task as is the request to measure the sea or to ask ourselves if God exists, in fact the real and true answer can only be obtained after a careful search. we can only state according to our images that Sai Baba is the immanent Being Awareness Bliss.

He is undoubtedly God, who took human form to guide all humanity. Unfortunately, as in all things, which are not part of the ordinary, it is necessary to examine them thoroughly before getting caught up in the prejudice that is innate in the mind of man. Our preconceptions and barriers have even limited the possibility of the coming of the limitless.

The fear, the insecurity of what is unknown to us and which could make everything that we have acquired in life fall like a sand castle, leads us immediately to denial, repudiation and judgment. But if we go to analyze with calm and open mind we can immediately reach the conclusion that nothing is impossible for the creator of the whole universe.

In fact, he can come when he deems it most appropriate, in the form he prefers and in the way he thinks most right; on the other hand, to be able to check a great height, you need to have an equally high staircase, don't you think?

Well the right scale to understand who Sai Baba is is certainly, first of all, the feeling of our heart, but to be sure that it is not influenced by the inquisitive gaze of our mind we should know what this extraordinary figure communicates to us. What are your talks? What are his actions who is Sai Baba really?

The best thing the truth seeker can do is to listen to his word, read his speeches and learn about his life. He constantly preaches love, his life is his message, the actions he performs are always a service to his neighbor, he is a continuous spiritual and moral guide.

Sai Baba states that there are no different religions, but only one: the religion of love, in fact compares God (love) and religions with a large tree where the trunk is God, love righteousness and the branches are the various religions which are integral parts of the tree but with different shapes and names.

He affirms that there is only one God, who lives in our heart and can be worshiped in all the forms we want, it is enough just to do it with the heart; the best service we can offer is the one rendered to others. Where there is love there is God, where there is judgment, contempt, there is our ego and therefore the eternally pure cannot reside there.

We cannot judge other religions because they are all instruments that elevate our being to the divine.

There are countless works he has built for human well-being: hospitals, aqueducts, schools, etc., obviously all free of charge.

He claims that there is only one caste, the caste of humanity. The purpose of his coming is the restabilization of dharma, the restoration of knowledge and the development of the only true awareness: every living being is divine, we are all light bulbs powered by a single current.

Sai Baba says, "God is inside you, find out!"

Anyone who has met Sai Baba can say that the love it gives goes beyond any feeling.

Sathya Sai Baba manifests His full Divine power in various ways, with constant spiritual teaching, with the effective action of works for all, with incredible miracles of omniscence, omnipresence, healings, resurrections and materializations of matter. In fact, he has always shown that he knows everything, of any human being, even the most hidden secrets. But the greatest miracle is the total transformation of the human soul. Baba constantly infuses love and peace, showing everyone their divinity, guiding us towards the royal road of Realization.

Every man has his own path, his experience to do. Bigotry, prejudice, and laziness are also instruments, albeit negative, used by our Self for the evolution of the soul. Everything is used to reach the half and accomplish His purpose; therefore it is not important how we can consider this extraordinary being, believe it or not, but if we stick to His Teachings, to His word, we can only get out of it better, happy and spiritually elevated. The truth will always be the truth and nothing, not even the most inveterate prejudice can hinder it.

Sai Baba is the embodiment of the Kalki Avatar, the Avatara of this yuga (the present age), however He is a Purna Avatara, in him all the full powers and attributes of God are manifested.

Purnavatar has a vision, an all-inclusive vision and Divine omnipotence. His mission is the union of humanity. This goal will be divided into three epochs with three different incarnations, The previous one as Shirdi's Sai Baba (1838-1918), where He stated that it could be compared to a mother who silently cooked the dishes for her children, the one like Sathya Sai Baba (1926-2011), where the prepared dishes are made evident and put on the table for all the guests and the third as Prema Sai Baba, where everyone can celebrate and enjoy the precious food finally ready.

Sai Baba summarizes in himself all the virtues that man would like to possess. Your balance is exceptional; He never lets himself be dominated by passions or anger. When he wants to show a severe side of His complex Reality, he does it only externally, without being affected by it. It is full of goodness and sweetness, but without appearing weak. He has a look full of love, but without being sentimental. Sometimes he takes a very humble attitude, but retains his full royalty. There is always a Divine atmosphere around Him, His face radiates a holy light. His words are full of truth and peace. Those who listen to them take away with them a patrimony that they previously did not know they could have. Sai Baba throughout his life, every day has done nothing but go down among waiting crowds, bless, advise, welcome petitions, letters, prayers, requests. Every day he distributed vibuthi to heal, comfort, suggest the royal way to find God. From directives and listen from the poorest to the richest and most powerful in the country. It distributes clothes and blankets to poor and needy children.

Sai Baba is like a father of many prodigal children, waiting for those who return to him. When the dissolute son returns, he does not let him recite the sinner's self-accusation. He prepares a solemn feast, puts the precious ring on his finger, orders him to be treated with all honors and reminds him that he has always been his son, even when he was away from home. The qualities that everyone can see in Sai Baba's personality show His Holiness and his Divine Essence with irreducible clarity.

In conclusion, the figure of Sai Baba cannot and must not be explained in words, but one must deepen it, study it, live it to discover the sweetness and love that it infuses in the world and in the heart of everyone.

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