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Karma and Reincarnation

The Whole Universe is regulated by the law of Cause and Effect. This law is called in the east: KARMA.

Each action corresponds to a reaction, so for each karma (Action) we reap its fruit. We incarnate on this earth precisely because of the fruits to be harvested caused by our actions, so our life alternates between joys and sorrows, and once we pass the lesson to understand, we evolve towards the final stage.

Unfortunately in all this "behind the scenes", man is the final part of this great Law of the Law and in his "ignorance" rejoices or despairs according to the cases that life presents him, because he does not know that everything is nothing. other than the just reward or punishment that he (as himself) procures for his emancipation.

If we analyze our nature in depth, we would easily understand that it is not only this body full of limitations, but it is only an instrument, it is the boat that leads us to the goal. So we should understand that it is only the mind (body) that suffers, not our soul that learns the lesson instead.

For example:

If in this life, a man smokes a lot, exceeds in damaging this precious fundamental tool to the final achievement (body) by ruining the lungs, essential for breathing, to circulate the right energy (prana), he cannot easily live in a healthy and use the test field given to him. Thus this ego, through this somewhat deleterious desire and consequent action, will reap in this life or the next (based on the karma accumulated as of now) the fruits sown. Only then will he learn the value of what he has used so badly. Only suffering invites the human soul to search internally and to seek understanding of the law of Karma. And then as mentioned in this physical universe there is no good or bad action that does not have the equivalent restitution.

Only when he interrupts the desires and the following actions will he no longer produce the fruits connected to them and will no longer reincarnate.

This also explains one of the main dilemmas of man and the consequent loss of faith (atheism).


All this stems from an incorrect view of the problem. At the base we have free will, which makes us responsible for our actions.

Usually it is thought that, by leading a virtuous life, one should "produce" a peaceful existence, as on the contrary, those who have an evil attitude will attract a life full of "punishments" and pains.

However at first glance it would seem not only not to be so, but even the opposite! How many times do we see evil men lead an apparently happy and perfect existence, while good people are almost always prey to problems and bad luck. Because? Karma has its laws and its times on one thing you have to be sure sooner or later it all comes back. As mentioned to the human eye at times, it may not seem like that, but there is an explanation for this too. If bad things happen to a person who leads a good life and a person who leads a bad life, good things can happen and because the past Karmic baggage has not yet been used up and the present one has not yet matured, but it is more than certain that right time the situation will turn upside down until the right awareness is reached.

Analyzing with an open mind the answer turns out to be somewhat clear.

In the spiritual path of every living being, the only lever that can help him in the climb to evolution is duality. It manifests itself everywhere in the entire universe, it creates the world: night and day, joy and pain, good and evil, everything.

Can we say that one gives existence to the other, in fact if we didn't know the pain how could we describe or "perceive" the joy?

If there was no darkness, who would value the importance of light?

Man, in this phenomenal world governed by duality, is endowed with free will, in fact, he can decide whether to do good or bad. But if we deepen the question and observe it from the Divine point of view, therefore as a DIRECTOR and not as an actor, we can deduce from it that every action serves the final goal, as it is all part of the Divine plan. We would immediately understand that evil is as necessary as good for the purpose of right understanding and evolution.

Each evil person will discount his "punishment" which will self-inflict (as a director) so as to understand the message and take a step further towards the source. It will only be a matter of time, of lives, of the succession of this chain of rebirths, of joys and sorrows, of prizes and punishments.

So reincarnation becomes obvious, and explains many dilemmas and mysteries that the western world cannot explain. If there is karma, and evolution, there must also be this continuous field of test called REINCARNATION. On the other hand, anyone who believes in God cannot think that a living being, so perfect, so complex, can be created only to eat, live worldly pleasures and die. Or if you believe in a God as good as you can accept, without the explanation of the Karmic law, that apparently innocent third world children suffer and others do not, and so it is with all the "injustices" that are in the world.

Each action has its fruit, this divine law is inevitable.

If we planted flowers (GOOD) and brambles (EVIL) in a field, we cannot think that the field will be covered only with beautiful flowers, blocking the growth of the brambles, but we will know perfectly well that both will be born, and that indeed if we will not provide immediately to eradicate the weeds, the latter will cover, suffocating the wonderful blooms. So let's always remember that with every action taken or that we do we will present your account. Understanding the error or asking for forgiveness will serve a great deal for our evolution by giving us greater understanding and peace in accepting the inexorable fruit planted in the past, but this will not stop the mechanism already in motion of karma will help us, if anything, to accept it better and with joy. At this point we will begin to dismantle the subsequent consequences of our actions.

A greater confirmation is obtained by observing the life of some illustrious sages (also made) who left the body by means of diseases or other. Fortunately, however, they knew they were not this body (actor) but the DIRECTOR, they knew that the body lives in the dual world and is subject to the duality of birth and consequent death, so they discounted their karma with joy, aware that finally their karma, it would take away any debt, leading them directly to the Supreme bliss.

In summary, therefore, we can affirm that the evil of the world is as necessary in the Divine project as the good, man in his narrow view, will not be able to understand the reason for certain actions, but will be able to choose which path to take, so as to be a good person , straight "planting" only Karma


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