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«Don't give importance to miracles. Don't exaggerate their meaning. The greatness of my power does not lie in these miracles, but consists only in my Love. All apparent miracles are but droplets of that Ocean of Love. Don't be dazzled by the droplets. Glimpse the ocean and dive deeply into it ». SSBaba

To help the individual to become aware of the Divinity inherent in him and to ensure that he can live coherently with this Truth.

Sai Baba does not ask that His person be made an object of veneration or worship.

He recommends to worship God in the form from which everyone feels attracted and in which he has established himself by culture or education and to follow the teachings and ways of worship and prayer of his own religious tradition, at least until the researcher has transcended the religiosity in favor of spirituality thus passing from an external search to an internal search.

«In man there is Truth. In man who Wisdom. In man there is the Infinite ». SSS Baba

Sai Baba is also an educator. He founded a school education system comprising all levels, from elementary to university, completely free, where together with the ministerial programs, life lessons are taught based on five values called by him: "Human Values" namely: Truth, Righteousness, Peace, love and non-violence. The teaching of these values has the purpose of making sure that the student fits into the social fabric while remaining faithful to the principles of honesty and righteousness, having understood that work is not intended as a means of acquiring material comforts but as tool to better serve man and society. Many personalities in the school sector, after evaluating the Sathya Sai education in Human Values system, have fully adopted it. Graduates from Sai Baba universities are in demand all over the world because, in addition to a high school preparation, the integrity of their life represents a prestigious guarantee of correctness and professionalism.

«There is only one religion: the religion of Love.

There is only one caste: the caste of humanity.

There is only one language: the language of the heart.

There is only one God: And He is present in all creatures ».

SSS Baba.

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