What is prayer?

Prayer is a request, a supplication, an act of adoration, a need to communicate and share with the Lord.

There are many ways to pray, it can be done with thought, with action or with both, by carrying out pious, charitable actions and offering everything to God.

In any case, prayer brings our mind and heart closer to the Divine. To pray means to give thanks, to surrender to the Lord. Prayers are generally supplications for selfish and superfluous ends, instead it would be necessary to beg God to destroy the Great Illusion (the veil of Maya) who continually creates ephemeral worries and desires. We must ask for your help to guide us and take charge of every problem. Our ego must be surrendered to the magnificence of our self, so as to evolve spiritually and materially. If the prayer is done with compassion, with the heart and without selfish motives, it will surely be listened to by the Lord.

Everything that happens (positive and negative, joy and pain) is the result of karma, which we ourselves procure in order to learn. Unfortunately our erroneous vision of Reality makes us identify with our body, so we would only like joys, thinking that it is our body that has to derive joy and peace from life and from the circumstances that happen.

So why should we pray?

We must pray because only when we understand that by entrusting our problems, defects, fears and our actions to God, will we really stop suffering.

Prayer softens our hearts and our vision. It makes us feel close to the Lord, eliminating the weight and fear of being alone. It is a relief valve with our closest friend. By praying, we develop the ability to see the problem in the right dimensions, thus offering everything in the hands of the Lord, we will also be able to accept the results that will come.


The true prayer is surely the one made with the heart, it is the total surrender to the Divine. True prayer comes from a deep love for God, from the desire to share our anxieties and fears with him. The mind and the senses are put aside, as they are impotent and we rely totally on the Almighty.

But what should we ask in a just prayer? In reality no one can say it because it transcends reasoning and rules, however we can draw up a small outline, taken from the words of Sathya Sai Baba, which can better guide us on a right prayer.

  • COURAGE: The courage to conform scrupulously to the Dharma.


  • REPULSATION OF ALL FEELINGS OF JOY AND PAIN: Faced with the ups and downs of life having unwavering confidence in truth and dharma.

  • EXCELLENT PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH: Obtained through a discipline, bramacharya and chastity.

  • DESIRE AND ABILITY TO SPEAK IN A KIND AND PRETTY WAY: which are obtained through the practice of truth and love.

  • DETACHMENT OF THE BODIES OF PERCEPTION AND ACTION: from vice, from sin and purification of those sense organs because we are placed at the service of truth.


  • RESPECT FOR ALL INJURIES: constant continuation of the truth.

"May all this be granted to me!"