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Mahatma always identified God with Truth, but his idea of God was not limited to one

philosophical concept, transcending it every definition: «For me God is Truth and Love, God is ethics and morality; God is absence of fear. God is the source of Light and Life and yet He is above and beyond them. God is consciousness. And the same atheism of atheists Because, in His infinite love, God allows the atheist to exist. He is the seeker of hearts ... He is a personal God for those who need His personal presence. He is a God in flesh and blood for those who need His caress. It is the purest essence. It's all things for all men It's in us and yet above and beyond us "Faith in God was of fundamental importance to him:" I'm more sure of His existence than of the fact that you and I are sitting in this room. And I can also say that I could live without air and without water, but not without Him. You can tear my eyes out, yet you won't kill me. But destroy my faith in God, and I'm dead "

He also considered prayer a more "real" action than any other: When there is no more hope, ° when aid ceases and consolation is lacking ', I find that help comes to me, I don't know where. Supplications, adoration, prayer are not superstitions. they are more real actions than eating, drinking, sitting or walking. «It is no exaggeration to say that only they are true and all the rest is illusion. »

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