What are mantras for?

Mantras are sacred formulas, born from deep meditations on God. In fact, we can declare that mantras are the same authentic voice of God.

Mantras are made up of syllables and we always start with the suffix OM. They are powerful vibrations which raise man's consciousness to the highest Divine frequencies.

That's why mantras have great powers, they are full of spiritual and magical strength.

A Mantra pronounced with the right technique can perform any miracle, even leading man to fulfillment.

Many nowadays try to find meaning in the Sanskrit words of mantras, but if we investigate more deeply, they do not have a real meaning or they can have infinite; They transcend the senses and go straight into the unconscious part of our self. But those who recite them, in order to attribute strength and a correct visualization that gives power to the mantra, attribute to them meanings that bring the conscious mind to greater awareness and elevation.

The most powerful mantra ever is the Gayatri Mantra. It grants salvation and illuminates the mind.

In Hindu culture a mantra has been associated with all energy (Divinity), so that one can address oneself based on the form of the worshiped Lord.

By reciting these mantras, such energy is released, so powerful that nothing can be opposed.