The highest form of Meditation is devotion to God and Union directed to him through LOVE.

Love creates union, while hatred separates. Love transfers self-attention to the other so that the two think, speak and act as one. The more love embraces, the more the various entities are reduced to ONE.

In our worldly existence full of doubts and difficulties, we must now more than ever understand the one and obvious truth:

All living beings are actors on the scene of this world, and their leave takes place when the curtain falls or when they have finished their play. On that stage one can play the part of a thief, another can have the physiognomy of a king, a third that of a clown or that of a beggar. For all these characters there is ONE ONLY that suggests the lines in the representation. Here we need to clearly understand some points.

The Prompter does not come on the scene to give jokes to everyone's sight, since, if he did so, the drama would lose interest; therefore, standing behind a screen in a hole in the sub-stage, he suggests the joke to all the actors, depending on their respective role, be it dialogue, monologue or song, and comes to their rescue at the precise moment in which they need it .

In the same way, the Lord is in the hole of the prompter of the stage of Nature, to give the jokes to all the actors according to their various parts. Therefore, each actor must be aware of His presence behind Maya's proscenium (This seemingly real world); he must be impatient to take the slightest suggestion that he can give, always keeping an eye on him and his ears pricked to understand his voice. But if a person forgets the plot and the story (that is, if a person ignores the work for which he came into the world and, consequently, the duties that belong to him) he neglects to observe the Divine presence behind the scene and remains on stage without saying a word, the spectators will laugh at his madness and blame him for having ruined the show.

For these reasons, every actor who has to play the role of man on the world stage must first of all learn the text and the RIGHT action well; then keeping in mind the Lord behind the stage, he must humbly await his orders. It is necessary to keep attention both on the part to be learned and played, and on any directives given by the director. He must learn the wonderful art of knowing how to satisfy himself. The Divine Plan will always be PERFECT regardless of how our "blind" eye sees it at that moment.

But how to do it in the most difficult moments that this existence puts before us?

Only meditation offers this concentration and awareness.

Pain hurts us because we believe we have deserved the happiness that we have not achieved. But there is an impartial dispenser of joy and pain, which gives us what is needed, not what we desire.

Misfortune could be a suitable remedy for our salvation. God knows well what we need!

The drama is his. The part that plays is a gift from him. The script was written by him, he decides the costumes, the scenography, the gestures, the style, the entrance and the exit. It's up to us to play our part well and receive your approval when the curtain falls. Let's earn the right to get better parts with goodwill and enthusiasm.


To "gain" this right, the great Yogis have "discovered" various techniques, the most effective being MEDITATION.

Download here for free the MEDITATION MANUAL, You will find the technique and many useful tips.



  1. Prepare a burning candle with a stable flame and place it in front of us, so that the flame is at eye level

  2. Sit in a comfortable position, preferably in PADMASANA (lotus position) with your right foot on the left thigh and vice versa. Your hands should be in close contact with each other (both with your palms facing up

  3. Let's remember to stand with your back straight. The straighter the back, the more the vital energy (Kundalini) can go up there, giving the mind greater concentration.

  4. It is important to sit on a wooden shelf, a chair, a bench that must be raised from the ground by 3 to 5 cm, so as not to be influenced by the currents of energy that continuously move on the earth. In fact, these currents would take away the energy that we are going to recover with meditation

  5. Cover the chair, or the bench with a mat of dhurba grass (in the absence of this grass), cover with a chamois leather and on top a thin white cloth

  6. We repeat the Gayatri Mantra three times

  7. We recite the prayer to the Lord to guide us in meditation

Oh adorable Lord of Mercy and Love,
Greetings and prostrations to You.
You are omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient,
You are Satchidananda,
You are He who dwells in all beings.
Give us an understanding heart, equal vision,
balanced mind, faith, devotion and wisdom.
Give us inner spiritual strength to resist
temptations and mind control.
Free us from selfishness, lust, greed, anger, hatred and jealousy.
Fill our hearts with Divine virtue.
Allow us to observe You in all these names and forms.
Allow us to serve You in all these names and forms.
Allow us to always remember you.
Allow us to always sing your glories.
Let your name always be on our lips.
Allow us to dwell in you for eternity.

  1. Keep your eyes half closed or completely closed and relax (you can also pray or read some sacred passage or story.

  2. Repeat the name of God, followed by the syllable Om for 5 minutes.

  3. Focus on the upper lip, between the nostrils, right in front of the nasal arch by reciting SO HAM FOR 12 MINUTES

  4. Inhale through the left nostril, closing the right with the thumb for 3 seconds and say SO (Him), remain in apnea for eight seconds and then exhale with the right nostril, closing the left for 4 seconds and say HAM (Io). Let the mind control the incoming and outgoing breath, listen to the murmur So Ham and witness the assertion that the Divine reveals to us. We have to breathe naturally, very very slowly. This breathing technique must be practiced carefully for three months, after which you can double the various durations. After six months spent in this constant practice, the activities of the senses are canceled.

  5. Recite the Omkara (21 Aum) - Hear the sound of the A in the navel, the U in the oral cavity and the in the lips and inside the head. After each Aum, wait for 2/3 seconds and savor the silence.

  6. Once you finish So Ham, view the Divine form in great detail for 15 minutes.

  7. Open your eyes and look at the flame until you see it etched in your mind even with your eyes closed - DO NOT HURRY

  8. Bring the flame to the heart and imagine as if a light of very intense energy covered it, we begin to perceive a great joy, a great love - from this moment we can only love, we only know LOVE.

  9. The light becomes so intense that it extends into the umbilical area and radiates them into the legs, the feet - so we discover that our feet can only lead us to places of love

  10. The light rises towards the trunk by immersing all the organs, which regenerate themselves with a new and clean energy; then this light irradiates the left and right arm to the hands - we affirm that our hands can only do good jobs, they can only help others.

  11. Let the light go up to the throat, then to the head.

  12. He says: My mouth will never say false words again, it will never speak badly of others. My mind will never again produce thoughts of grudge against my neighbor. I AM LOVE AND I KNOW ONLY TO LOVE.

  13. The light reaches the eyes and ears - we can only hear words of love and joy

  14. Finally the light rises to the top of the head: the head is all pervaded, together with the body, of light - NOW THE LIGHT BECOMES VERY INTENSE

  15. We can no longer distinguish our body; everything is invaded by a golden light of love .

  16. This energy expands and radiates our environment, our family members, our friends, enemies, animals, plants, the more the light radiates, the bigger and more INDEFINITE we become, we are absorbing everything, we are a giant light of love , we are just love


  18. We only see Light. We are immersed in perennial joy.

  19. Now within this immense light we see our worshiped form of God forming .

  20. Contemplate this form as long as you want.

  21. Before moving, open your eyes and stay relaxed for 4 minutes.

  22. Sing the Gayatri Mantra three times

  23. Recite the Asatoma mantra.

  24. Return to daily life with the intent to see this light in every living thing. Remembering that we and our neighbor ARE THE SAME GOLDEN LIGHT OF ENERGY: GOD

Taken from the Volume Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 5 Pag 275 - 281-28
"The process of meditation on the light, on the flame of the lamp must be interpreted as follows: You begin to feel yourself in the light; then go ahead and realize that the light is in you; finally you realize that you yourself are neither more nor less the light.
However, it is easier to project the light that you first visualized in yourself, towards the external world, radiating it more and more of light and seeing everything immersed in the divine glory, which is also in you.
You can shape the universal, like that of Krishna. Contemplate that shape, paint slowly and with the utmost attention every detail ...
... If instead you take Me as an object of contemplation, sit down so that it is neither uncomfortable nor discomposed ;
linger a bit thinking about some hymn, some sacred aphorism or a sacred story ... then with the name on the leprosy, try to paint, with the brush of emotion and with the hand of the intellect, a portrait of Swami, slowly hair to the face, neck down to the feet, lingering to contemplate every detail drawn and on the complete figure and then starting again from the feet up towards the face; so that the attention never turns away from the form on which to meditate. Never change the pose you started to paint, do not draw Swami sitting and standing tomorrow or talking and walking. Keep one form, it will help you a lot ....
... Get used to waking up at the beginning of Brahmamurta, that is, at three in the morning, do not take a shower before meditation; the bathroom awakens the senses and you would be pulled in too many different directions to the detriment of dhyana's success.
Regularity - sincerity - constancy. These three virtues will reward you with success. "
SSB 01/22/1967