Do gods exist?

Aggiornamento: 30 ott 2021

Do gods exist? Well the answer is Yes!

The Deities that all peoples have always believed and feared since ancient times really exist. But let's analyze this statement for a moment. Just as every human being has various aspects and roles, this is also the case for God. The aspects of God and the roles He acquires are what we call Divinity. An example will make everything clearer and more logical.

When a man works he is a worker (employee, doctor, police photographer etc ...), when he returns home and hugs his children, he takes on another form, he becomes a father, when a little later he goes to his wife, he becomes a husband, finally when he prays he becomes a devotee etc ... Just as a man while holding various roles is always the same man, so the Lord, in his various aspects and roles, governs the Laws of the World and assumes various aspects, various roles, different names are given based on the role it plays, but in reality it is always and only The One!

Deities, therefore, are various forms of energy, various aspects of the Lord. It is customary to worship God, calling him by various names, based on the prayer that is required, to develop greater devotion and surrender to the form that is prayed.

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