The end justifies the means?

The end never justifies the means! As means to achieve any goal they are a fundamental part of our goal. Starting from the idea that this phenomenal world is nothing more than a testing ground, it would be totally useless to try to "cheat" to achieve our goal, because our end is exactly the result, the fruit of the means.

The journey is really important, the destination will only be the right reward for this journey. All the Great Sages, the martyrs who "suffered" by sacrificing everything, even their egos, in the end all reached the final bliss. On the other hand, those who have chosen more "convenient" "means" on the basis of how their own ego considered them most opportune and comfortable, have (in the end) found only their ego and the consequent rebirth.

So if the goal is a noble end, we must always offer our actions to the Lord and He will surely find the suitable means to reach the end. But they will always be "the right means", not the most comfortable and easy ones that our mind would prefer.

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