What is the fear of God? Why is it okay to have it?

Fear of God is fundamental and precious for correct behavior and following the right standards of life. By FEAR, we do not mean fear, but respect. Respect for what is pure, sacred, for the One who guides and supports us. A man without the right fear of the Creator is a man without control, guided by the madness of the senses, a demon who can make any gesture and that only Karma (when the time comes) can stop. Furthermore, not being afraid of God means not being afraid of mistakes, not being afraid of punishment, not giving any restraint to sensory impulses, thus realizing an incorrect Karma for the right evolution, remaining still and lazy, leading a futile and empty life. Having the right fear and reverence for God leads man to be kind, polite, respectful for life. If he can understand that God is in everything, he will have respect and a fearful attitude towards every creature, assuming a righteous and virtuous attitude.

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