After a day or two, Sathya recovered and began to behave strangely as if a transformation had taken place in him, in truth he himself had begun the process of manifestation, not being able to delay any longer to live like a 14-year-old commune. He did not speak to anyone, he seldom accepted food. He sang Sanskrit verses and spoke of Vedanta (reinterpretations of the fundamental Truths in light of the revelations of the Upanishads. One of His major exponents is Adi Shankaracharia). These "oddities" continued for a long time, enough to justify the parents' concerns. Only a few of the wisest whispered "The ways of the Lord are inscrutable" as the doctors gave their interpretation of the case. The sorcerers instead said that he was possessed by an evil spirit. Narayana suffered constant loss of consciousness, spoke of places of worship never seen and sang the name of God. They made a first exorcist come but little Sathya told him of the things according to which he showed his contact with the One, therefore the exorcist he went away telling his brother to treat him well because Narayana was sent by God. The bloodiest scene occurred when they took the boy to another exorcist from Puttaparthi. On the way out the oxen pulling the cart did not want to leave and it took a lot of energy for the animals to obey. This exorcist did all kinds of torture to him, shaved him to zero and engraved an X on his head and poor Sathya did not open his mouth, nor did I show any pain. Not happy, he squeezed the juice of lemon, garlic and other acid fruits on his wound, then hit him on the joints but seeing that the boy remained impassive, he poured into his eyes a drop that was a mixture of acids.

When the parents saw the result of the eye drops on their son's face, they burst into tears, instead He beckoned them, to stay calm and to leave the room and shortly afterwards He followed them. Once outside, he suggested a remedy known to him and applied it on the eyes, the swelling disappeared. When the mad exorcist saw the neutralization of the effect of his eye drops he went on a rampage but the parents paid and left.

I am Sai Baba

On May 23, 1940 Sathya got out of bed and gathered the family members and I give flowers and sugar candy which materialized out of nowhere. The house was full of people to whom Sathya donated food created by Him, all of a sudden the infuriated and careless father of all those people entered, with a stick he threatened to hit him exclaiming: «who are you? God, a ghost or a madman? ». The answer was ready: "I am Sai Baba" and he gave references to confirm His Divine nature. The father deduced that this Sai Baba of Shirdi spoke through his son and brought him in front of a wise connoisseur of the Saint of Shirdi but he did not recognize him, claiming that Narayana was in mental disorder but Baba replied: «Who is in disorder mental, you or me? Since you don't even recognize the Sai you love? " Soon after, he materialized vibhuti and spread it around the room. A few days later, he was challenged by a stranger who said to him: "Show us that you really are who you say you are." Sathya took some flowers and threw them on the ground and they formed the word Sai Baba in telegu (local dialect). Further on, addressing his parents, he added: «Even after seeing that strength of mind during the torture of that exorcist, you are not yet convinced that I am Sai Baba. How then would you have reacted if one day I had announced it to you? I wanted it to be known that I am of Divine nature, unassailable by human suffering, pain and joy ».

Sai Baba had announced to His family who he really was; Sai Baba had announced to his family who he REALLY WAS; now the need remained to extend this Truth to the world. so that he could guide him on the path of Light. A few days passed since that fateful 13 May 1940 but his brother. who did not believe that He was a Divine incarnation. he still hid within himself the idea that Narayana should continue his high school studies. Different was the opinion of many pilgrims who having faith in Baba filled his home every Thursday. bringing with him gifts to offer to the young Avatar. He repaid them with His Lila (divine games, materializations of various kinds) by creating from

nothing images of Sai Baba of Shirdi, pieces of cloth of the dress of the Same Shirdi Sai, dates, flowers, vibhuti and so on. Even the principal of the school bowed before the All-Knowing Sai. But not everyone believed in him, so much so that one day some high school teachers. They asked him an infinite number of questions about Vedanta and sadhana (spiritual discipline). To make the test more difficult, the questions were asked in bulk. below. turning them so as to confuse Him. but Satya gave everyone the correct answer and moreover in the same order in which the relative question was asked. Some time after. Baba, his brother and some of his fellow-devotees, went on an excursion, where He performed another miracle. In front of everyone's eyes, heal, just with a touch of the hand. a chronic tuberculosis patient. made him get out of bed and walk a mile.

For the kalki Avatar (Divine Incarnation of Kaliyuga, the current Iron Age) the time had come for the world to know that God had become Man. On October 20, 1940 he returned from school very early. he threw the books away and exclaimed to the family: - "I am no longer your Narayana, I am Sai." Her sister-in-law came from the kitchen to take a look but was almost blinded by the Light emanating from Baba's halo who turned to her with the following words: "I'm leaving. I don't belong to you. Maya (I-illusion) is gone. My devotees call Me. I have my job. I can't stay longer. " The brother who had heard what Baba had said entered the house but received only this warning: "Give up all your efforts 'to heal me'. I am You know, I do not consider myself related to you ».

He went to live in the garden of the tax collector, people flocked

of the tax collector, from all over to pay tribute to the young Sai Baba. The Bajans sang, and then Satya taught them the first prayer: "Manasa Bhaja re guru charanam, Dustara bhava sagara taranam". (Meditate in your mind on the feet of the Guru; this may lead you through the difficult sea of the cycle of birth and death)

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