Thus spent 3 days in that garden. singing the bajans and Namasankirtan (Names of the Lord). A photographer arrived before taking a photo. he asked Baba to move a stone. He did not listen to him but in the photo instead of the stone the statue of Sai Baba of Shirdi appeared.

Shortly thereafter, Sai Baba returned to Puttaparti. Here they also attributed the

name of Bala Sai. (Baia stands for boy, boy, boy). The devotees became more and more numerous and the small house could no longer accommodate all those who came up to them to worship him and therefore a shed and tents were built for those who came from afar.

All pilgrims also enjoyed a refreshment. thanks to the devotion of the elderly lady Subbamma who did not spare herself to make the stay easier for those who came to receive Darshan (Vision of the Divine). Sai Baba wrote an infinity of Bajans and still today many of those songs are performed in Prashanti Nilayam. (This name means Place of Supreme Peace, where the Sai Baba of Puttaparti Ashram resides.) Thus began the SAI era, which will be characterized by numerous miracles.

The Sai Era

Sai Baba asserted that the first 16 years of His life would be marked mainly by the "Lila" (Divine Games), the subsequent i6 "by the Miracles" (including also various resurrections) and the years following the spiritual discipline. Clearly each phase of His life included the other two.

Your First Miracles

On the hill, above the Citravati river, where Baba met with the devotees to sing the bajans, a Tamarind tree still stands imposing. They gave it the name "Kalpataru" (Tree that fulfills wishes). Sai Baba used to bring His devotees there and from the same tree he collected them, a disparate variety of fruits according to their liking, (apples from one branch, mangoes from another, oranges, pears and so on). As He himself states, by His will each tree could become "a tree of desires." When they all gathered together in the Citravati bed to listen to the Divine teachings of Sai, He amused himself by disappearing and reappearing a moment later near the tamarind tree, or on the farthest rocks quietly continuing the discussion. Even today many devotees cannot contain the joy when they talk about the miracles to which

they assisted, for example at times when they were near the tree of desires, Baba invited them to look in the sky and behold, everyone saw His face in circles of Light; or they noticed a blinding light emanating from the third eye (also read the eye of Shiva, located in the center of the). It was not uncommon to see a huge Sai Baba of Shirdi emerge from the sands of the river, or the face of Sai Baba in the full moon. He once granted some college kids the Darshan of Light (the vision of the Divine in the form of LIGHT). It was little more than seven in the evening when a huge globe of fire like the sun appeared in the sky and it was impossible for those present to continue to look or simply keep their eyes open. Another time in a grove Satya had tied a swing to a tree, then told the devotees to look up.

To the amazement of all present, Lord Krisna was seen rocking himself like Baba himself. Different were His manifestations, to others he showed the ten incarnations of Visnhu (Second aspect of the trinity, Christ Consciousness A noteworthy event took place in Bangalore. In the group of bajans, there was an assiduous and honorable devotee, the great Krishnamurti. It was eight in the morning and the latter approaching Sai Baba in an excited tone exclaimed to him: "I know that you are GOD. Show me your true Form !!!". Clearly Baba has not granted almost anyone this Sublime Vision because if you are not ready, you could even risk dying. Our physical body, unprepared for the event, could not resist this Power, Energy and Bliss. He tried to dissuade him from this idea, but to no avail. ardent desire of man, Satya materialized a photograph of Sai Baba of Shirdi telling him to meditate on It so as to receive the Sublime Gift. Three hours later, Krishnamurti, gave a cry of joy and sven I regained my senses and keeping my eyes closed, he chased Baba saying to him: "Let me touch your feet." He could sense Sai Baba's exact location, while still having his eyes completely shut. This state of Supreme Joy (Ananda) lasted for several days, during which Baba never let himself be touched because as he himself claimed: "If you touch My feet in this state of bliss and exaltation, you will never return to your physical body" . Surely this experience had elevated Krishnamurti's great Soul even further, allowing him to reach the complete Realization of Himself. The Fusion with our true Essence, with the Absolute. We are part of God therefore God himself. "The river had rejoined the sea").

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