Sai Baba also performed several healing miracles (mental and physical illnesses) based on his own theory: "whoever brings these handicaps with them can certainly not have the desire and strength to take the spiritual path". In addition to healing chronic diseases, madness and hysteria, Baba freed several people from possessing spirits (exactly as Jesus Christ did). The healing cases we will deal with were chosen randomly and regardless of their importance. C For those who want to know more, they can find many books, websites, documentaries, also of entities such as Rai or big producers that testify to the miracles of Sai Baba). Healings with a single touch of the hand or even at a distance, (sometimes even to people who were in other countries), healings with vibuthi, even through dreams. Materializations, bilocations and many other extraordinary events, I cannot report on a single web page, but whole books would be needed to summarize 70 years of miracles.

Some healings:

1. Rosa, a 65-year-old lady, was concerned that she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; the doctors of the Gemelli hospital in Rome had decided to operate on it. The day before the hospitalization he went to Enzo (sensitive and devoted to Baba), together with his daughter and son-in-law, to find out how the operation would go and to recommend himself to God. The daughter and son-in-law were intrigued by Sai Baba's photographs. exposed in Enzo's study and asked who he was. Since it was getting late and there were other people in the waiting room, Enzo gave them two videotapes on the story of Sai Baba, to be seen at home. That same evening the family saw the tapes and at night Mrs. Rosa dreamed of 'Sai Baba, who invited her to open her hand; Baba materialized the vibhuti and put it in his hand, reassuring her that he would take care of the operation. Signora Rosa, impressed by the intensity of the dream, woke up her daughter to tell her about it. The following morning she was hospitalized for the operation. The operation was no longer performed, because, to the amazement of the two doctors, ready to operate it, the tumor was gone! Rosa returned home and telephoned Enzo excitedly, telling him about the dream again and said, with her village simplicity and humility: "But why me, with all the sick who are there, this Lord with did so much hair save me and heal me?

Uhissa 'if I deserve it?

2. Ms. Anderson, an American devotee, was disabled and moved in a wheelchair. During Baba's forty-third birthday celebrations, he was in Puttaparthi. Swami's anointing of hair was taking place. At one point Swami got up by surprise from her chair and approached Mrs. Anderson, lowered her head so that the sick woman had the opportunity to anoint Baba's hair three times. The third time Baba took her hand and said, "Get up!" And the woman stood up. Baba said to her, "Come with me!" and she walked behind Baba. Rao, M. Narasimha, Sai Baba. The history of life, Magenta, Editoriale Persona, '1989, p. 228

3. Tale of Bhagwandas Daswani, a wealthy businessman from Hong Kong (taken from Face to Face with God, by VIK Sarin, former journalist of one of the main Indian newspapers): «On 10 May 1977 I was hit by a strong heart attack. I was admitted to Queen Mary Hospital on May 11, and I learned after Sai Baba had called my son, who was studying at Swami University in Whitefield, at 4 in the morning on the same day, and said, "Go immediately. in Hong Kong because your father has a small heart problem. "Daswani said," I actually died for two minutes and was revived by the doctors. "Although Daswani regained consciousness, his condition did not improve and he was taken to the Intensive Care Unit. On May 20 she had a relapse and began an anal bleeding. She was losing about two liters of blood a day. She had an IV in both her arms and a heart stimulator on her chest. The bleeding continued for three days and on day 24

his family and medical team had lost hope that he would survive. "On the morning of May 25, exactly at 4:10 in the morning," recalls Daswani, "Sathya Sai Baba entered and crossed the wall of the room and sat on the bed. She covered my whole body with vibhuti. The vibhuti came out of her hand in a continuous flow. In the shower of vibhuti, I felt a sudden flow of force throughout my body. I was completely astonished at Baba's appearance in the room, and I thought I was dreaming or had a hallucination. I said therefore, 'Baba you are really here or am I dreaming? ' He said, "Yes, I'm here. What do you want me to do?" I said, 'Just this: put me on that sofa next to the bed, so that I know I'm not dreaming.' He lifted me as if I were a feather and put me on the sofa. The IV in my arm remained intact, nothing was disturbed. Baba then left the room in the same way he had come. "Then I rang the bell to call the nurse of round. A crowd of nurses rushed into the room. Their stupor was beyond description. 'How did it get here?' they asked. 'I walked,' I said, aware that it would have been impossible for them to believe the truth. 'Who entered here? And what is all the dust on the bed, and everywhere on her? ' they asked. I said, 'Don't ask me. Just collect this powder and put it in a paper bag for me. "So they did and they collected a kilo and a half of vibhuti." After this, I started to improve rapidly, and the doctors and staff continued to question me about what had happened. Finally an Indian doctor showed up and said, 'Look, I'm Indian. You can tell me what happened. ' I told him and he kept my secret. On May 29, I was able to walk alone to another room. I completely recovered and, moreover, my diabetes was gone and the blood sugar was normal. I have eternal gratitude to Bhagavan Baba. "

4. As a brief reminder of Baba's identity, here is the story of my friend Murali, an American woman who now lives in Puttaparthi (described in more detail in her upcoming book, Indweller of the Heart, [The inhabitant of the Heart]. ] In the mid-1990s, living in the USA, she was diagnosed with potentially fatal cancer, and underwent an operation. Her doctor later told her, "It is much worse than I thought. You will need another operation and then chemotherapy. "Murali, who has been meditating since she was four years old, replied," Let me ask God first. "When she asked the question in meditation, she heard a divine voice say," Don't do the operation; it will do you more harm than good. Trust me and go back to work. "Murali had never heard the name of Sai Baba and had never seen a picture of him. Two weeks later, on Christmas morning, at 4 in the morning, he heard a strong urge to go to his meditation room, and a few minutes do after sitting, a large sphere of light emerged in the form of a Divine Man, radiating what he recognized as the Fear of a fully Enlightened being, his afro-style hair, His body dressed in a long white tunic - the one Baba wears Christmas morning. He silently communicated with the Visitor for some time, receiving a clear current of internal communication. Then He raised His right hand and said telepathically, "I have come to bring a great blessing into your life. I will come back to you when the time is right." Then He also lifted His left hand and began to channel a palpable divine energy into Murali's body - and within seconds Murali knew that his cancer had healed. The Visitor stood with her for about ten minutes, while the healing shakti ran through her body; during this time Murali intuitively saw that all the systems of his body were brought back to vibrant health. Then the Visitor waved His hand and materialized some gray ash (vibhuti, the gift

characteristic of Baba), and dropped it on the carpet in front of her, as proof that the apparition had been genuine. Then it vanished. When Murali went to the next doctor's appointment, the cancer was completely gone. The doctor was flabbergasted. and to summarize this long story, three years later Murali finally saw Sai Baba's photo - and immediately recognized him as His 'Visitor' that Christmas morning. Baba later appeared again, gave her some divine gifts and invited him to go and live in Puttaparti.

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