The resurrections

In the Old Testament there are two cases of resurrection operated by Sia and Elisha. The New Testament describes three cases of resurrection performed by Jesus. He himself gave this power to his disciples. and he said to them: 'Heal the sick, raise the dead I. Clean the lepers, drive out the demons, you have freely received. free dates'. (Matthew 7 0,81 As previously said, Sai Baba has raised several people, we quote one for all: "The miracle took place in 1953. Radhakrishna was seriously ill with gastric ulcers and other complications, when he visited Puttaparthi [from his home in the country of Kuppam] in the hope that Baba would heal him. He was accompanied by his wife Radhamma and his daughter Vijaya. Arrived at the ashram he was put to bed. Baba who was then only 27 years old, visited him but made no attempt to Radhakrishna yes

he complained that he would have preferred to die rather than continue to suffer the extreme pain he felt. Baba smiled but made no comment. A few days later Radhakrishna went into a coma and his wife and daughter, who were at the bedside, felt the "final rattle" in his throat. Swami came and examined it, but did nothing yet. An hour later, Radhakrishna's breathing stopped. It turned blue, then went cold and stiff. A nurse diagnosed death. Baba examined it again. "Don't worry," he said. "Everything will be OK". But he still made no attempt to revive him. The faith of his wife and daughter was severely tested. The following day they sat faithfully at the bedside waiting anxiously for any sign of returning to life. But nothing indicated such a change. Somehow the two women managed to cling to a vestige of faith that in His manner and al

His moment Swami would revive Radhakrishna. On the morning of the third day, the body became dark, almost stiff and began to smell bad. Radhamma was suggested that the "corpse" should be moved out of the ashram, but she vigorously refused to act without Baba's permission. His aides asked for instructions on whether the body should be sent to Kuppam or cremated in Puttaparthi.

Baba answered enigmatically, "We will see." The two women were desperate. They went to Baba and prayed to him. He simply said, "Don't be afraid. I'm here." He promised, however, to visit them and to examine Radhakrishna later. An hour passed, then two and there was no sign of Baba. Then Radhamma and Vijaya lost hope again. Then suddenly Swami appeared at the door of their room, quiet and smiling. The two women burst into tears like Maria and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus, crying in front of their Lord who, they thought, had come too late. Gently he asked them to leave the room and on leaving he closed the door behind them. They don't know - and nobody has known so far what happened in the following minutes in that room where only Swami and the dead were present. But, after only a few minutes, Baba opened the door and invited the women to come back in, to see their loved one sitting on the bed and smiling! The stiffness of death was gone and its natural color was returning. Baba said to him, "Talk to them, they were worried." Radhakrishna, with a look of amazement said,

"Why were they worried? I'm fine!" He was not aware that he had spent three days in deadly horns. Then Swami said to Radhamma, "I returned your husband to you. Now give him a hot drink." So he blessed the family and left. The next day the patient was strong enough to walk. On the third day he wrote a seven-page letter to a relative in Italy. A few days later the whole family returned to their home in Kuppam. Not only was Radhakrishna brought back to life, but gastric ulcers and other complications had healed completely.


There are not counted Sai Baba devotees who received something materialized by him, (the creator of this site also received vibuthi made by him). Necklaces, priceless jewels, rings with the face of Christ or with rubies, emeralds etc. have been materialized to many. In front of many present, blowing on a ring turns it into a necklace or vice versa.

Statues of Shirdi Sai, Krisna came out of the sands of the Citravati river in the dry, even steaming sweets still hot and many other objects.

The books that testify to these supernatural events are not only written by devotees but also by physicists, chemists, scientists and even a Catholic priest, who surrendered to the facts, after carefully studying, scrupulously and even initial skepticism. Sai Baba case. Once for a friend of his, Dr. Hislop, he materialized a small cross saying that it was made with a piece of wood from the cross on which Christ was crucified. The wood analyzed proved to be 2000 years old fit. 1988 Rai dei Tg2 report by Fausta Leoni)

Shortly before Christmas 1984, Sai Baba created a photo depicting the true face of Jesus. After he had donated it to an Argentine, Sai donated another larger one to a Venezuelan during the celebrations of Christmas 1987. He also made others six copies, which he then blessed and gave to various countries in the world: Spain, Denmark, England, New Zealand, Mexico and Argentina. He also donated small-format copies to Italy for distribution to devotees. . Baba said that they were the true appearance of Jesus at the age of 29.

Many duplicates have been made from the original. [From: Peter Phipps, Sathya Sai Baba and Jesus, Edizioni Milesi, Modena, 1999, p. 1 12).

Every year for Maha Shivaratri [Shiva's big night), Sai Baba materializes one plus Lingam or Linga (in some cases it has gone up to nine] making it come out of the mouth. Lingam is an oval object, in most cases of gold but can also be of another material.

This rite, which lasts for several hours of physical suffering [since they come from the stomach), represents the act of the Creation of the Universe. After creating them, most of the time he gives them to devotees.

Another special feature, of which there are several cases documented with photos and videos, (and who speaks to you has seen with their own eyes) is the appearance of vibhuti in paintings or photos of Baba.

It is not only vibhuti that appears; from statues depicting His feet or even from stones, the Amhrita (nectar of the Gods) flows incessantly. A sweet liquid with a golden color and a flavor reminiscent of honey, with fragrances of roses, (I write, remember, because the true flavor can only be tried but not described). There have been cases of people who have seen in the dream

Sai Baba materiazargli of Vibuthi and then, with great amazement and emotion, find it on their awakening on the bedside table, or perhaps on them, thus healing many people. Clearly not everyone believes the above, many think that Sai Baba is a cheater and in an attempt to unmask his "tricks" they cling to even more absurd theories of the fact in itself. For example on the web someone would put forward the hypothesis that he produces vibuthi by rubbing pills of various kinds between his fingers. This is self-denying, because Baba produces about half a kilo of vibhuti per day in those few minutes in which he performs Darshan. To clarify any doubts, just see the following video from which it is evident that there is no trick. You will notice that the vase at the beginning of the video, floats in the area alone and that the vibhuti ceases to flow as soon as Baba removes his arm from the appropriate amphora. Among other things, it is impossible that that small vase can contain all that vibhuti (Especially the one that comes out between the minute 1:29 and 1:39).


It is right for everyone to make their own opinion on the nature of Sai Baba but we hope to give you a little food for thought by borrowing some phrases of Our Lord Jesus Christ: "The tree is recognized by its fruits" and I believe that knowing the Works of Sai Baba (in addition to His teachings), you can get an idea of who this great Character can be. «... The Son of God will not be accepted by His people but will deliver him to the pagans who will scoff, hurt him and finally kill him ...». Jesus said, "Father forgive them because they don't know what they are doing." And even today, after 2000 years, not everyone who criticizes or gives free judgments on Sai Baba "Knows what they do and what they say". Sai Ram (I greet the God in you)

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