His works

- 1950 Ashram Puttaparthi

- 1954 Sri Sathya Sai Hospital

- 1964 Ashram Whitefield (Bangalore)

- 1969 First male collage

- 1972 Eswaramma Higher Institute

- 1973 Elementary School of Puttaparthi

- 1981 Sri Sathya Sai University

- 1990 Museum of Religions

- 1991 Puttaparthi specialized hospital

- 1991 Puttaparthi airport

- 1993 Hill View stadium

- 1994 Drinking water project (drinking water in more than 10,000 villages and for millions of people)

- 2000 Chaitanya Yothi Museum

- 2001 Super special Hospital

- 2002 Puttaparthi railway station

- 2018 Solar Power Station in Puttaparthi

Una delle opere più importanti create da Swami è l'Educazione ai Cinque Valori Umani. 

Sathya Sai Baba ha stabilito un metodo di educazione che ha riscosso un successo incredibile.


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