Who is Sai Baba

From early childhood Sai Baba has argued, through His teaching, that education together with character development (education), the preservation of the state of health and the satisfaction of the needs of man's primary needs are human rights granted. from God to all humanity, without distinctions of social class, race or religious belief. In absolute consistency between the words spoken and the actions carried out, Sathya Sai Baba has undertaken numerous initiatives since his youth culminating in the Great Social Works completed in recent years: the Higher Education Institute, the Higher Institute of Medicine, the Drinking water project. If it is true that a tree is judged on the basis of the fruits it produces, then any consideration on the figure of Sai Baba cannot be separated from the evaluation of the imposing volume of Service initiatives for those in need directly made or undertaken by the members of the Sathya association Sai Baba from all over the world.

They include facilities such as canteens, hospitals, schools, kindergartens and assistance and distribution of food and clothing to the poor and marginalized. Although many people have known the reality of Sai Baba through the extraordinary nature of the phenomena encountered in him, often personally experienced, the greatest and indisputable miracle that his devotees

They recognize is to be able to transform the human soul. Sai Baba does not give importance to His miracles, he defines them only a stratagem to attract the attention of one who is too distracted by the events and concerns of life.

Sai Baba is the embodiment of love "Prema Svarupa".

He says: "My life is My message, My message is life". The purpose of His Incarnation is to report how he defines the five human values (Righteousness, Peace, Love, Truth and Non-violence). It is part of the Divine plan that this task be accomplished through three incarnations:

Shirdi Sai - Sathya Sai - Prema Sai