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Swami Sivananda Sarasvati's Ashram is located in Rishikesh (India) at the base of the Himalayan mountains on the banks of the Ganges River.

This sacred place is very active in service and prayer. There are daily spiritual activities.

The buildings are colorful and immediately offer an angelic and peaceful mood.

The Ashram is also, the headquarters and spiritual focal point of a vast world organization called "The Divine Life Society". The Company includes over 300 branches worldwide, as well as individual devotees in India and abroad. At the heart of this vast network of spiritual elevation throughout the world, in the form of the Divine Life Society, is the Sivananda Ashram as guiding light. The Ashram is dedicated to the service of all and in turn benefited from the generous donations of devotees who want to see that the service continues. It is in the Ashram that any person interested in spiritual life, whether a member of the DLS ( Divine Life Society) or not, can come and be nurtured by the spirit that pervades this place.

Once you arrive in Delhi, you will have to continue by taxi (bus or train) to Rishikesh. The route is approximately 5/6 hours (232 km). Taxi prices range from 3000 to 5000 rupees (about 50 euros) vary according to the companies and times of the year (We recommend booking online first or through an agency.) The online agency GETMECAB has proven to be reliable, serious and quite cheap)

The site is in English, it allows you to choose the type of car. The drivers (as with most taxis in northern India) speak only Hindi.

Once in Rishikesh you can decide whether to stay inside the ashram or to stay in some nearby hotel (for greater comfort). The Ashram offers unique emotions, you can pray in total peace, sing bhajans or do Yoga on the banks of the river.

On the one hand, the Sivananda Ashram is an enchanting physical place, with buildings, residents and offices. On the other hand, it's not a place at all. It is the spiritual expression of the divine mission of its founder, Swami Sivananda.

If in fact, a natural disaster occurred and all the buildings were destroyed and all the residents dispersed, the Sivananda Ashram would still remain. Because all the people dedicated to carrying out his work share the vision of Swami Sivananda and in the same way this Ashram will continue to exist.

Very often people in the Ashram still feel the spiritual presence of Swami Sivananda and see his hand in the activities of the Ashram.

Each member will say: "It is not I who work, but Gurudeva through me".

Residents also feel that it is precisely in this place that they can be led more firmly to their goal of realizing God. In this place of selfless service, contemplation and annihilation of the ego, there is a vibrant atmosphere of spiritual power that can bring the aspirant to that realization.

Swami Chidanandaji once said in response to an Ashram resident's request to go elsewhere to do sadhana: "Yes, there may be many other more suitable places for good spiritual practice, but if it's the realization of God that you want, don't there is better place than here. "



Know the Self and be free - Hinduism

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you: Christianity

There is no other God except Allah, and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah - Islam

For the whole world this is the law: everything is impermanent: Buddhism

Non-injury is indeed the only religion: Jainism

Purity of thought, word and deed is the essence of religion: Zoroastrianism

I am what I am - Judaism

He who has overcome himself is powerful - Taoism

Blame yourself as if you blame others. Excuse others as you may apologize - Confucianism

There is only one God and his name is truth; wonderful is the guru - Sikhism

I am that Real - Sufism

Don't see bad. Don't feel bad. Don't speak badly - Shinto

All religions are one. They teach a divine life. Love everyone. Serve everything.

Practice ahimsa, satya, brahmacharya. Be selfless. Seek the Immortal - Divine Life

Heart of religion

God is love. The only true religion is the religion of love or the religion of the heart.

Feel for others as you feel for yourself.

This universal religion will bring peace and happiness to the world.



1. Get up at 4. in the morning every day. Do japa and meditation.

2. Sit in padma or siddha asana for japa and dhyana.

3. Eat sattvic food. Don't overload your stomach.

4. Do charity: one tenth of your income or one year per rupee.

5. Study a chapter of the Bhagavad Gita daily.

6. Keep veerya (life force). Sleep separately.

7. Stop smoking, narcotics, intoxicating drinks and rajasic food.

8. Fast the days of Ekadasi or take only milk and fruit.

9. Observe the mouna (SILENCE) for two hours a day and during meals also.

10. Speak the truth at all costs. Speak little and softly.

11. Reduce your needs. Live a happy and content life.

12. Never hurt the feelings of others. Be nice to everyone

13. Think about the mistakes you made (self-analysis).

14. Don't depend on servants. Trust yourself

15. Think of God as soon as you wake up and when you go to bed.

16. Always have a japa-mala on the neck or in your pocket.

17. Respect the motto: "Simple life and high thinking".

18. Serve the sadhus, the sannyasins and the poor, the sick and the suffering.

19. Keep a separate meditation room under lock and key.

20. Keep a daily spiritual diary. Stick to your routine.

These 20 instructions contain the essence of yoga and vedanta.

Strictly follow them. Don't be kind to your mind.

You will achieve supreme happiness.
Swami Sivananda



0 Adorable Lord of mercy and love!
Greetings and prostrations to You.
You are Satchidananda.
You are omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.
You are the Dweller of all beings.

Give us an understanding heart,
Equal vision, balanced mind,
Faith, devotion and wisdom.
Give us inner spiritual strength
To resist temptations and control the mind.
Free us from selfishness, lust, greed, anger and hatred.
Fill our hearts with divine virtues.

Let's meet in all these names and forms.
Let us serve you in all these names and forms.
Let's remember you.
Let us sing your glories
Let your name always be on our lips.
We remain in you forever.

The non-sectarian prayer mentioned above is the most suitable

to be repeated during all common meetings.

It is cosmopolitan and all-inclusive.

This is a beautiful universal prayer that you should repeat every day

at home as on public occasions.

This is a prayer that will unite everyone,

spiritualize your activities and reveal the golden secret of divine life.
Swami Sivananda